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Hillary Says: ‘Dirty money is still money' -

The Clinton Crime Family -

Hildabeast Rotten Klinton -

Clinton Corruption -

Obama Has Let In 600,000 Illegals From Dangerous Muslim Nations -

The Clinton Crime Family -

UN: GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT - Screw the United Nations!

Climate Change = Agenda 21 & Globalization -

"AVOIDING A 'POW WOW' WITH HER OWN PEOPLE " - “What is wrong with sitting down with the people she claims to be a part of?” She runs and avoids because she knows there’s nothing to back her claims.”

" A TRULY GREAT LIBRARY CONTAINS SOMETING IN IT TO OFFEND EVERYONE" - Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings. Heinrich Heine.

PRIORITIES - Because nothing says "I care" about jobs and the economy more than appearing on this cackle-fest.

WOODROW WILSON - "A conservative is a man who just sits and thinks, mostly sits."

GUN BANS - I'm all for them... ...in every other country but ours.

SUPER PACS - If free speech is equal to dollars and cents, then some have more free speech than others.

Democrat Insanity On Display -

Donations to Harvey victims? -

Wacky Warmists -

Clinton Influence Peddling -

Surprise, Surprise: Monetary Redistribution Plan Is Key For Upcoming Paris Climate Change Talks -

the only muslim led country helping syrian refugees -

UN Climate Scientists WRONG AGAIN -

The Real Motivation Behind Climate Policy -

Hillary & Bernie Madoff -

Solution For Global Warming: Eat Bugs -

Donald Trump Has Supported & Donated to Hillary Clinton For Years -

Climate Change Was NEVER About The Environment - It's About Redistribution Of Wealth & Globalization -

Redistributing World's Wealth By Climate Policy -

Samantha Power -

for sale -